About us

The Michor company was established in 1998. After reorganisation and transformation from a civil partnership in 2003 on the solvent market, it began to operate as Michor Sp. J. K. Michalski, S. Stefaniak.

Many years of tradition and experience are a guarantee of the high quality and repeatability of the manufactured products.

Our own laboratory and qualified staff are trying to meet the ever newer and larger market requirements. Each of our products is researched and repeatedly tested before being launched on the market.

The extensive range of traditional and innovative environmentally friendly products is aimed at a wide range of industrial, wholesale and retail customers. The buyers of our products are among others: manufacturers of paints and varnishes, automotive chemicals, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Long-term and regular customers are the best proof of the high quality of the offered goods and services.

The company offers products with the best price-quality ratio.

Own transport with ADR rights ensures fast and timely deliveries.

The company currently offers:

  1. Solvents and thinners for automotive paints, the furniture industry and the building construction industry,
  2. Automotive chemicals, winter washer liquids, window defrosters, fluid for degreasing car parts,
  3. Varnishing materials, varnishes, primers, textured plasters, putties and others,
  4. Water, solvent and spirit stains,
  5. Alcoholic products, denatured alcohol, fully denatured alcohols,
  6. Printing chemicals, remover for rubber and metal parts,
  7. Raw materials for the production of thinners, acetone, butyl acetate, isobutanol, n-butanol and others.

Research and laboratory work

Producing the right thinner, stain or varnish is a technologically complex production process. Our laboratory plays a major role in this process. This is where the product that ultimately reaches the customer begins and ends its journey. Our well-equipped laboratory guards every stage of product manufacture. Chemical analyses make it possible to determine the suitability of a given raw material for the production of a final product. We carry out research for our own purposes, as well as provide external services. rozcienczalnikiThe tests we are able to carry out include: for thinners:

  • determination of density,
  • determination of boiling temperature limits,
  • water content determination by Karl-Fisher method,
  • compositional testing of the composition of raw materials and finished products are performed on Thermo Scientific gas chromatography model FOCUC GC with ISQ mass detector.

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