Printing chemicals

As a company engaged in the production of various types of speciality chemicals, we also offer professional agents for the printing industry. Among our proposals, you will find a wide range of preparations, which will find their application in the broadly understood printing industry - a demanding sector, in which care for cleanliness and the tiniest detail is extremely important. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the full range of products and select those that will work best for your company.

Chemicals for the printing industry – applications

Dirt is a daily occurrence in the printing industry, which is why it is so important to equip yourself with top-quality cleaning products that can easily and quickly deal with even the toughest dirt. This type of chemical is therefore suitable for cleaning machines, as well as all other surfaces made of materials such as stainless and galvanised steel, aluminium, plastics, primers (without varnish), old paint coatings or polyester putties. Thanks to the use of the highest quality ingredients, the printing chemicals help to keep both the studio itself and the aesthetics of the created projects. In the case of most preparations, it is sufficient to apply a small amount of the liquid preparation to a clean cloth and wash the surface repeating this action twice - details of how to use your chosen product can be found on the packaging label.

Our offer of specialized chemicals

Our assortment could not miss one of the most important preparations that will be used in all kinds of printing plants, which is a silicone remover. It is a kind of solvent, thanks to which precise cleaning and degreasing of all steel surfaces in your plant becomes possible. This type of chemicals will also work for surfaces made of galvanized and stainless steel, aluminium and primers that have not yet been finished with varnish. In addition to the silicone itself, this product effectively removes oil, grease and fat and grease-based dirt. Silicone removers perfectly collect all oil and greasy dirt without leaving a white coating. In addition, they are completely devoid of an unpleasant gasoline odour.
As a manufacturer of specialized chemicals, in our offer we have not forgotten about extraction gasoline, also known as extraction solvent, which will work well for diluting such contaminants as wax, grease and oil. In the printing industry, together with the cleaning thinner, it will be used for cleaning various types of equipment.

Chemicals for the printing industry - packaging tailored to individual needs

As a manufacturer of specialized agents that are used both in the printing industry and in many other industries, we offer the possibility of delivering our products in packaging with capacities tailored to your individual needs. We offer the possibility of buying both in half-litre and one-litre plastic bottles or larger canisters with a capacity of 2 litres to 30 litres. We also offer 5-litre containers for chemicals in the form of a convenient watering can, while larger packages are also available in the form of 20-litre canisters, 200-liter barrels and 1000-liter pallet containers (IBCs) or metal containers from 1 litre to 30 litres in capacity. You can rent 200 l barrels and 1000 l pallet containers for a period of 40 days and then return them to our facility.
Are you interested in the offer of our products in the category of chemicals for printing industry and have additional questions or want to rent supplementary containers? As a manufacturer of specialized chemicals, we encourage you to contact our employees who will dispel all doubts and help you choose both agents and packaging tailored to your individual needs. We remain at your disposal at the telephone number +48 605 235 602 or by e-mail address: - you are most welcome!